About us

Our company was founded in 1980 in Bielsko-Biała, and is a Polish family-operated company. We have specialised in plastics processing for many years. Most of our products are based on the technology of expanded polystyrene, which ensures versatile application. Modern solutions allow us to conduct environmentally-safe manufacturing. We constantly improve the applied technologies and processes by providing the highest quality products which, thanks to our flexibility and ability to listen, are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.



Marbet Sp z o.o. is a company composed entirely of Polish capital, which has been operating on the market for over 40 years. Marbet produces fittings and styrofoam packaging, including plant nursery trays offered under the brand name Marbet Green, as well as interior finish products which, under the brand name Marbet Design, have become a showcase of Marbet's business. For several years Marbet has also been known under the brand name Marbet Style which offers elegant, original collections of furniture. This confirms that Marbet seeks interesting solutions and new ways of designing as well as deploying its own innovative technologies, along with the company’s openness towards new aspects of business, sometimes reaching beyond its basic operations. Marbet is also a manufacturer of furniture for a Swedish furniture company. The latest offer is a line of thermo-insulation products dedicated to energy-efficient and passive buildings offered under the brand name Marbet Bausystem.

Marbet is an enterprise created by people with passion.

Piotr Huczek - Vice-Chairman of the Board at Marbet Sp. z o.o.

Marbet Bausystem

Marbet Bausystem is a product line dedicated to both energy-efficient and passive buildings. Its offer includes the Green Panel System - polystyrene insulation panels - and a set of elements for the Warm Mounting Beam used when installing window joinery in the building's insulation layer.

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